Ziply, an on­demand delivery service, ready for take off

Welcome to Ziply!

Wait, what's Ziply?

Ziply is a brand new on­demand delivery service, offering customers a way to directly connect
with couriers who can deliver their parcels from Point A to Point B without leaving their office,
store or home. In simpler terms, Ziply enables customers to go Door­to­Door From Your


Ziply's service, currently available in the Los Angeles area with aspirations of becoming a global
product, will be accessible through multiple means, including our web app at and
soon by downloading our mobile app, which will be available through the Apple App Store.

(Don't feel left out, Android users. We plan on having an app for you in the future.)

Ziply is easy to use. When you have a package that's ready to be shipped, all you need to do is
log on to Ziply, pick a destination and let a courier do the rest. Our real­time delivery updates
include signature confirmation of orders, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.
Standard local deliveries start at $10 and oversize deliveries (couches, mattresses, fridges, big
screen TVs, etc.) start at $25.

Our quick and efficient method of transportation is available 24/7. Our couriers are carefully
vetted, giving you the comfort of knowing your package will be handled with care.

As a new startup, Ziply is always looking for ways to help spread the word. If you're a lawyer
who needs to send a client some paperwork or a Hollywood movie writer who needs to ship a
script over to a studio, we'd love to have your business. If you want to send your spouse some
flowers while she's at work, we'd love to have your business, too.

And if you're willing to help spread the word by following us on Twitter and Instagram or liking
our Facebook page, we'd love to have you share our name. As a token of our appreciation, we
will likely be giving promotional credits to use our service to social media users who frequently
give Ziply a shout out online.

Now that you know what Ziply is, we hope you'll join us on our adventure as we launch toward a
bright future.


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