Ziply ready to disrupt the courier service industry

Courier services have practically been around since the beginning of time. Since the invention of the wheel, though, they've basically all been running the same way.

We, here at Ziply, are about to disrupt the courier service as it is known.

It is documented in ancient history that foot runners and homing pigeons and men on
horsebacks were relied upon to deliver timely messages from one person to the next. Before the
wheel, such couriers ran for miles and miles from Point A to Point B.

Then the mechanized courier disrupted the old ways and created a new way to deliver goods.
The new method was better than the old, the reason being obvious: speed.

When it comes to courier services, speed, tracking, signatures and security have always been
staples of the trade. Couriers, however, have typically came at a higher cost than ordinary mail
services because of their specialization and usually come with a size restriction on goods.

That's all about to change.

Ziply, a new on­demand delivery service based out of Los Angeles, is offering the lowest
starting prices in the industry. Standard local deliveries start at $10 and oversize is $25.

Oh, yeah. We deliver oversize packaged goods, too, a service other couriers don't provide. Did
we also mention that Ziply also can connect customers to couriers 24/7 via our apps?

Door­To­Door From Your Fingertips.

Like we said, we are about to disrupt the courier service as it is known.


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