L.A. biz owners save time, money with Ziply, an on­demand delivery service

Nobody likes sitting in Los Angeles traffic. Especially when you've got a business to run. There
are just too few hours in a day.

Even having a skilled employee stuck on the freeway can be a waste of valuable resources.
Unfortunately, there just aren't that many ways to have goods transported with same­day local
delivery in a quick, affordable and efficient manner.

Until now.

Enter Ziply, an on­demand delivery service available at the touch of a button, which will come in
handy for L. A. businesses that need to move merchandise to other businesses or consumers in
a timely manner.

Ziply allows business owners to connect with couriers via our web apps, helping save time,
money and resources. Using Ziply is the easiest thing in the world to do since breathing —
anybody can do it 24/7.

Ziply can also be a valuable source when it comes to setting up new offices or moving to a
bigger, better location. Aside from the standard business courier service, Ziply specializes in
delivering Oversize items, including couches, fridges and big screen TVs with courier trucks.

To start using Ziply for all of your business­to­business and business­to­consumer deliveries
today, visit If you're an iPhone user, stay tuned for our Apple Store App, which is
coming to a cellphone near you soon.

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