Ziply’s courier service specializes in oversize, same­day delivery

Moving oversized goods is no easy task.

Whether you're a small business owner, part of a large corporation or just moving into a new apartment, you may not have the proper tools or vehicles for the job when it comes to moving couches, mattresses, fridges, big screen TVs or anything else that won't fit in a standard­sized car.

That's why it's always good to know somebody who drives a truck. But what if you don't know somebody who drives a truck? Or they aren't available 24/7 whenever you need their assistance?

Well, that's where Ziply, an on­demand delivery service based out of Los Angeles, comes in. Ziply connects such people and businesses that are seeking couriers, who drive either large or small vehicles, via our apps. Unlike other courier services, Ziply specializes in oversize deliveries.

When visiting and requesting a local, same­day delivery, our delivery platform connects customers with local couriers at the touch of a button. Couriers are then dispatched to your location to pick up your package.

The courier will soon become your new best friend — somebody with a truck you can trust to pick up your delivery and bring it to a desired destination in a safe and timely manner. Through Ziply's web app, your courier will also be able to provide you with real­time status updates on your delivery, including a signature confirmation when your goods arrive at their intended destination.

Standard local deliveries start at $10 and oversize is $25.

For more on Ziply, visit our social media pages. If you are using Ziply to send oversize goods, please use the hashtag #GoZiply to earn a chance of winning free promotional credits to use Ziply on future deliveries.


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